on friday bight, late, couldn't stand it, was going to take my Last Sleep drink, but hated knowing that the police would search everyuthing and terrify moppi - better to die in hospital and probably with morphine. was taken to Emerfgency dept. - the doctor was a young girl, a baby. I told all about quinolones and the horror and not taking again and being vulnerable to other drugs -  it's written on my records "Alergica a las quinolonas y clavulanico" (they don't admit to any drug effects in Spain - all drugs re benign and effects, even severe, aren't reported - they're all due to allergies.
So she offered me a choice of Levofloxacino or Augmentin! I said, "But those are the two that are marked as not possible for me," and she said, "Yes, but I think you probably had some other illness and it wasn't the drugs." So they gave me Ibuprofen and sent me home, worsening hourly, with an appointment to go back to see a drmatologist next Wednesdy evening. ButI won't last till then and all they'll do is offer more strong, toxic drugs.
I'm trying to hang on till tomorrow, when I hope to persuade the lawyer to come back so that i won't die intestate, but doubt i can last till then and certainly not till wednesday evening. I'll probably just go yonight. Moppi knows there's something wrong and that I'm all wrong...
One ear has been deak and blocked for months, sight blurred, etc. but it's the skin infection - put there by idipt docytor and negligent nurses - that I can no longer stand; it's eating me.


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