Four years - iller, sadder, older, no wiser

 'Quand les gens te disent, "Ne pleure pas," c'est qu'ils ont peur de se noyer.'

 Tomorrow is a very sad anniversary for me and for everyone and everything connected with me. Yesterday was a very sad day for me, too, as it was the fourth anniversary of my quintoxication. Thursday 25th at 10.30 p.m. is the worst, because it's when they murdered Kiti, while I was telephoning on Skype to try to get the courage to bash him on the head while he slept in happiness, as I knew we were in danger.

Por los que sufren en silencio el abandono, el menosprecio, la soledad. Por los gatos de la calle. 

A la memoria de Kiti, asesinado por ser mi amigo precioso, mi amor, mi razón de vida - por mi culpa.

Unavenged, lost, murdered with glee!


I joined Facebook again recently, but now my acess and page have been blocked, as I "appear not to be a real person." Fair enough - I don't feel like a real person, nor does anything that's happened to me or in the world seem possible. I keep thinking it must alll be a nightmare.

Here's a disgusting sight - have a sick-bucket at hand.

Rien de nouveau.. ..Je vis maintenant dans un pueblo guapo con buena gente pero demasiado tarde et Kiti,Kiti, Kiti a été asassinée.

I didn't want to go on after they murdered Kiti - why would I - but, in the whole three years, despite trying and asking and always offering to pay and usually paying, usually a lot, it was only to be ripped off, robbed and abused again and again, so I hadn't managed either to get back to France, or to go to the U.K. (which I didn't really want anyway) or to legalise my situation in Spain by changing my country of residence, so that i could make a will and leave things organised, or as organised as possible. I tried cont6acting my daughter and son, but she screamed at me and was as horrible as usual and so was my son, only he was nasty, then nice, then nasty but ripped me off nearly a year of my pension, to add to the rest. So I had to find someone to do the paperwork, as I can't manage more than a small shopping list and even that makes me dizzy and confused. That's how I come to be in Olvera (Brits said they'd do it, but ha ha) a whole lot more money and oxygen wasted, more misery, body and brain still falling apart,back muscles so weak that they can hardly hold me up, lungs and ribs and nearly all fascia agonised, utterly miserable for Kiti, for the world, for all my sins and losses and stupidities - but nearly ready! The van's given away, I'mresident in Spain, have a lawyer to make the will and a notary to register it and a gestor to do other stuff - just a bit longer.

Stretched, floppy, half-dead skin

4th. October 2013
I suppose I should update this, so here it is:
1,566 days or 37,584 hours or 2,255,040 minutes or to 135,302,400 seconds since I took a few tablets of a prescribed (fluoro)quinolone antibiotic. I only had cystitis and am sure it was only inflammation, not a bacterial or other infection of the urinary tract. I was very dubious about taking an antibiotic without any analysis to check for an infection, but was in great pain and told myself not to be silly, that most people take prescription medicines and that I supposed once couldn't do any harm. (Yeah, right.)
1,566 days or 37,584 hours or 2,255,040 minutes: it feels much longer and almost completely pointless, or worse.
Having survived the winter, i thought I'd have 2 or 3 moonths of betterness, when I'd be able to do things, but this year it didn't happen; instead, i've continued to get worse.
My right hip and both knees are being destroyed at a rate of knots; often I can hardly move them at all and the pain is excruciating. (Rhus tox helps, but not enormously and only for a day.)
Both kidneys are failing; since quintoxication, I've been unable to drink more than a few tiny sips of water without being sick, so I can't do the obvious thing, which would be to drink lots of water to flush them.
My left eye sees blurrily, but also it's mad - the nerve must be damaged, so it's transmitting nonsense. Right eye has lost acuity, but works O.K. When both are bad, it feels like having pins stuck in your eyeballs. (Eufrasia - eyebright - tincture works well, but of course the quinolone is a maintaining cause. Hypericum helps against the nerve damage. trouble is,m I'm great at looking after other people, but for myself i usually forget or can0t be bothered or find something more interesting to think about.)
Severe stomach pains, but I can cope with them so far. I think they're mainly caused by sore fascia. Nausea - nux vomica always cures that, but only at the time - it's back next day, because the damage is unstoppable.
Very severe COPD - sometimes I think I'll just suffocate; this means I'm always on the verge of heart failure (good - bring it on.) On a good day and if I go when there's no-one about see me wobbling, limping, bent double and sobbing, I can take my rubbiish to the container - that's about 50 metres each way. On less good days, I can hardly get to the loo or to eat or dribk anyhthing. I get worn out from a few minutes of conversation or from putting some washing in a machine.
Tendonitis and tendonosis everywhere. Ligaments also.
Memory loss has slowed down; in fact, I think my memory and congnitive abilities stopped deteriorating a while ago. My brain's not what it was, but is still ten times brighter than most,
The worst, which is also something no-one ever mentioned until recently, is the fascitis and fasciosis.  When you see or prepare raw meat, or if you're helping someone with a severe wound, you see fascia. I always wondered what it was called, but never investigated further. In some places it's transparent, like the thinnest cellophane, in others it's a white web or net, in others a thick, tough band, but there's nowhere in the body that you won't find it, because it's the envelope and web that holds our bodies together. Like tendons, ligaments, skin, eyeballs and more, it's part of the connective tissue or structure of our bodies. All my fascia are alternately inflamed and disintegrating and it hurts a lot. It's the kind of pain that makes you feel sick. My nightie brushing gently against my back is painful;  leaning against or sitting on any hard surface or  holding onto any hard object is painful - it's very, very unpleasant and is surprisingly crippling, as the sheer effort of bearing the constant soreness wears me out before I start.

Body Worlds Exhibition

My kidneys aren't working at all well, but that's partly because, since quinollone poisoning, I've found it difficult and often impossible to drink water - if I managed to swallow water, it'd hit my stomach like tamk hitting a wall and then I'd be sick! Recently I'm able to drink more easily and the water here is nice, not like bottled, dead water, so perhaps kidleys will feel better.
A man walked into a butcher's shop.. "A pound of kiddley, please."
"Don't you mean kidney, Sir?"
"That's what I said, diddle I?"
Oh how we larfed.

Risk of Kidney Disease Doubled With Use of Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics

June 3, 2013 — The risk of acute kidney disease is doubled for people taking oral fluoroquinolone antibiotics, according to a study of published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).

Fluoroquinolones, including ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin and moxifloxacin, are common broad-spectrum antibiotics most often used to treat respiratory and urogenital infections. Case reports have indicated acute kidney injury with use, and prescription labels carry a warning of kidney failure. However, when oral fluoroquinolones are prescribed in clinical practice, kidney injury is usually not considered.
Shibgles!Oh frack, now it's given me shingles. Or it may be the hellish stress of .. lots of things; no need to recount any detail, or at least not just now .. that's brought it on.
Anyway, am just writing it so that other quintoxicated people will be prepared. 
Oh! Now I realise that was what those other wierd skin eruptions were. Quinolone damage to immune system and to nerves, non-stop hellish stress, had chickenpox as a child - result: shngles. Very painful, very itchy, exhausting.

You can also see, only too clearly, how my skin has gone dry, stretched and bumpy - hideous.

I had really nice skin before, honestly I did. I hate showing all this. I hope people appreciate it, 'cos it takes courage.

I'm trying to work out the most suitable homeopathic remedy.

An incredibly nice young woman, whom I idn't even know before, took time off each evening to collect me and take me to a healer. 
WOW!It took seven visits to cure the shingles and another month for the itching and pain to be completely gone, but he also made all the pain disappear from my arms and shoulders; even my knees and hips are less painful, though they don't work very well. He just did it by touch - I felt myself floating and the pain trickling out down my arms and out of my fingers and down my body and legs to leave by my feet; I started to laugh with joy and astonishment, floating and laughing, and Ricardo and Mayca were laughing too. It was wonderful.


After sleeping real sleep and with so much less pain.



  1. Kate, I have followed your Blog ...It makes me so sad to see you suffering so...You have truly expressed in such detail with photos what these poisonous Fluroquinolones do to us. I want to thank you, for sharing in such detail.... so others can see the destruction. I am a victim as well of the corruption from

    BAYER and Johnson & Johnson.
    I have taken Cipro Avelox and Levaquin.

    Terry Terry Aston
    4102 Harris Ave.
    Baltimore, MD 21206

    1. Thank you, Teryy. It's encouraging to have a message like that.

    2. Terry, I'm sorry that was such a short, stupopid and mistyped reply. I'll try again one day when am more compos mentis. I know who you are, have seen your advocacy and so on. If my horrible photos can be of any use in warning others, then that's one small good thing to put against the millions of bad ones. I know that photos of disgustingness put people off smoking, far more than any words, so i hope my disfigurement and constant weeping may have a similar effect. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Kate, Please come back and join us on" Fluoroquinolone Toxicity 24/7 Live Chat Group" on facebook we would love for you to come, and see what we are doing now ...I just got this message sorry....... 6 months later.
    or you can e-mail me

  3. Thank you very much for sharing your story! It is absolutely criminal what these greedy pharmaceutical companies have done to you! I have linked to your blog on I hope that's okay! If it's not okay, I can take down the link. I hope that tomorrow is better than today. Sometimes that is what we can hope for. No matter what, it will be a new day.

    Best regards,