Videos fluoroquinolone toxicity - 15 - 30 months later (The first year, i didn't have a camera.)

Here are some videos of Destruida. Some are rather slow, but perhoas you can make them go fatser - it's all so difficult and I can't do any better. If they don't warn you, nothing will.

Pain, stiffness, hard to move. I think it was in April 2011, not sure. I'm like that most of the time for eight or nine months of each year since quintoxification.

Photosensitivity, damage to eyes, skin, hair loss.. still worsening two years after ingestion of 12 Norfloxacino tablets. May 2011

 Trying to get into bed, trembling

 Trying to plug in camera

April 2012  Poor, demented, old bag, lost, confused, helpless, abandoned.
 It waas going to be a proper speech!

 Trembling jaw

I'm not Kate - I'm just a horrible, hideous, exhausted, sick Thing

Coughing, choking, retching - sometimes not at all, sometimes nearly all day

This shows the sudden exhaustion after a telephone conversation. You can see that the camera shakes more when I have it in my left hand and less in my right.

It's got even worse since the above videos, but those should be enough to show you.


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