Fifth year - BETTER! :) :) :)

After four years, the itching and pain in my whole torso from neck to crotch, back and front, inside and out, came out in a small but obviously shingley rash on my side. What wonderful good fortune that, by that time, I had managed to move to a little town in the sierra (the place I'd been aiming for when I got cystitis and took Noroxin, four years ealier) and has lovely neighbours and a proper place to live and a heavenly view and rescued my first Podenco, but the terrible pain, exhaustion, coughing all the time, knees in such agony that I'd gasp and almost scream but be voiceless, and utter grief and misery  meant that I cried for about 22 hours a day, every day -I just cried and cried a nd cried. Anyway, as I say, it was a blessing that I'0d moved to a nice place, 'cos a young woman took me to a shingles healer and he n ot only did that, but when I told him about the quinolone toxicity, he made a magic and gave me my lif e b ack. He just touched the small of my back and kept his fingers there for about half a minute. When I took the Noroxin, after it was mad in my head, I felt it run down my neck and arms, torso an dlegs, and stop, get stuck and torture me on and on; when Ricardo put his fingers in that place, I felt a drainhole open in my fingertips and toes and all the pain and stiffness just ran out and I started to float! Of course, I knew I wasn't really floating, but it felt as though I'd become very ligh tand was floating up, up, towards the ceiling. It was lovely - I started to smile, then to laugh with delight; Mayca and Ricardo were laughing too - it  was joyful.  When I arrived there, i could hardly walk, sit down, get up again; after one visit I went with Mayca to her olive grove and played with her dog, walked and climbed a little hill; after the last time, when he made me float, I was dancing in the street!
I can run, dance, go up an ddown stairs, run my own life (paperwork is very difficult, but I get help with that of I can't manage) breathe perfectly well, am always smiling, lovemy life and would like it to go on like this for years, if possible. I've also taken from the streets and passed on several dogs and have a cat -not like Kiti, but nice (another abandoned cat) and a saved-and-rehomed rooster.

I doid get repoisoned when  nasty woman gave me a  bowl of soup that she promised contained no meat, but in which she'd secreted some chicken - I thought th esoup tasted nasty (I'm vegetarian) but didn't think such a "sweet" old lady would lie - and it was battery (intensively reared) chciken, which in Spain is full of quinolones, so I was very ill again for three or four months, but I recoivered again, with the help of the homeopathic remedies and other things I'd found helped before; I didn't need to go to ricardo again, thougfh I now live in his village and know him as neighbour.
I dohave sequels -very fuzzy eyesight (should get glasses) severe tremor in left hand, feet so metimes hurt (but that's sprted out by a tiny pill of ruta graveolens) and a gfew  other things, but am very well compared with many people my age and feel very fortunate and blessed, on the whole.

Posts from when i was repoisoned:
re-toxed and badly 30th August 2014

I'v been poisoned again.

never, ever accept food from a stranger or neighbour, even if they pormise it doesn't contain x or y.

am too ill to rite more.

Getting worse - soon be over

This second poisoning is going to finish me off. I was so much better, it was like a miracle. For the first time in five years, i could not only walk well, but run and jump a bit and do lots of hard work and enjoy every minute of every day; best of all, my brain had come back, my mind was as cleart as bell and everything seemed real again.
Then the "nice old lady" nexty door at the house I've moved to came round with some soup. "I've made it specially for you, with only olive oil, garlic and vegetables," she said. There was a faint yucky taste, but she'd said what vegetables were in it and there was one I didn'ty know, so i> thought thaty must explain it, as she'd said again and again - and in front of other people- that it was totslly meat-free. I gpt iller and iller, couldn't understand it, then she told me she'd added a piece of chicken before she bñended t. It was battery chciken, of course, and in Spain they're all stuffed with FQs.

30th August 2014
The first three years were lmost non-stop, pure hell. After ten-and-a-half months, still stuck on the campsite, still with no help from anyone, tyo ill to leave, couldn't even get any fresh food, onlyu tins from campsite shop and that was hard enough, I prepared a noose to hang myself. i wasn'ty scar6ed or anything, was waiting or night-time, heard a screeching like n exotic bird, saw a tiny, starved kitten. he tottered towards me and we saved each other. for more than two years we went through a hellish time - attacked, chased, abandeoned, tormented, homeless, robbd, chetade, suffering (i was suffering, but kiti chered me and i managed to give him a happy life.) But it was all hopeless and i was trying to get the courage to kill him in his sleep so that i could kill myself, when they came in the night and murderted him.
Then i didn't want to go on, but i still didn't have a legal will and my son suddenly seemed to want to talk and to need help so I went on. I escaped (too late) from the rubbish dump, eventually got to better place, rescued a couple of dogs and kept trying to warn people about FQs but it doesn't sink in at all - it's pointless.
After four years, the rash of shingles came and I realsied i'd had shingles for a couple fo years. was taken to a heler who cured me of shinghles but also, miraculously, of a vast amount of the FQ effects - could walk, run a bit, dance abit, sleep much better, had far less pain, mind much clearer and recently I wrote my firsty ltter by hand on paper, addressed and posted it!
Moved ehere and a neighbour gave me a bowl of soup. She assured me repeatedly that it was only vegetabkes, absolutely no meat. I thought there was a atste fo chicken, asked again, she assured me again, so ate it.
For 3 or 4 weeks I've been getting tirder and iller and iller and iller. Last night she told me triumphantly that, before liquidising the soup, she'd put in a pieve of chicken. It was battery chicken. I've been vegetarian for 45 years and now she's tricked me not only into eating a cadaver, but a poisoned one, because all the chciekns on Spain are full of FQs and now I know what's wrong.
So that's that - ot's taken five years and utter misery, Kiti was murdred and I've caused more pollution in five years than in the sixty-one before, far more.

The woman who gave me the soup thinks ity waas funny, she says, "It0s much better with meat, isn't it?" Snd no-pne else even understands what I'm saying, they just say, "Go to the doctor, he'll give you an injection or a tablet and make you better."
the oceans are full of plastic and nuclear waste, mercury and teflon and all our filth, the land is poisoned as is the air and we can't help contributing to making it worse - we're all part of it.

my arms and hands are full of electricity, the computer maked it worse, i can't see properly, feel sick, so tiredm cnp't lift arms, legs so  heavy, am so hurt and sad.

dementia worsening a lot, too.

No-one cares.

8th November 2014
Incredible as it seems (to me at least) I'm recovering again, from this second quintoxication! I didn't think i would, as my lungs and stomach felt as though they were being gnawed by rats, my blood pressure raced from terribly low to incredibly high, could hardly breathe, heart starining, blah blah, but here I am again, turning up like a bad penny or a good centimo and very pleased and grateful to be alive. STill have a lot fo tremor in hands when above waist-level and if I try to do certain kinds of things, eyes still sore, feet still hurt, quite bad tinnitus, a few other things, but upwards and onwards - thanks to homeopathy,  Dr. Schulze, time, destiny, very kind neighbours to make up for the poisonous poisoner and prtobably gods and angles, but that's a a contentious u¡issue so I'll leave it.

I'll make a year 5 page with photos to show just how much one can recover in cheerfulness, at least, and what a difference that makes.

I've just realised that none of my blog posts are dated - I wonder how that happened.

Sometime, I'll also write what I used and am using, in case other FQ victims want tpo try the same.

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