How I live now 2nd and 3rd years - utterly horrible

25 junio 2012

I paid someone to clear the old washing-machines, broken concrete, rusty metal, etc. and spread subvase and I worked as hard as I could until winter hit me and I hurt my back quite badly. I paid Marcos to fence it against the cats and improve it further - and he just made it worse and then tried to chuck me out! I've been too ill to clear it all again and when I managed to do some, the wind blew it all over the place again.

It used to be spotlessly clean and pretty. Even last wonter i never let it get as bad as this and last summer I emptied it completely and hosed it with the jet, then washed and dried and repacked everuthing, but look at it now and I hardly even care.

This is why it's horrible - the owners just don't care. These are their dogs, the five pups of their pet at the house, which have grown up and run wild. They've killed nearly all the chickens and they kill anything that moves.

240€ a month!

The chickens are all dead now.

Ants in fridge!

Still no gate! It was in the contract, but I he won't do it and no-one will help me or defend me.

Where I lived from 1st Oct 2010 till 4th July 2011 was neaarly as bad, cost nearly twice as much and they cheated me more and were more abusive. However, they weren't violent and there was a proper, locked gate and a letterbox. Those landlords were English, these Spanish, but it makes little difference.

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